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The controlled and reliable lightening bleach with up to 7 levels of lift awarded by stylist. 

■ 97% less breakage*
■ No compromise on lift - up to 7 levels
■ For perfect lightening, even on pre-colored hair.
■ Contains anti-yellow molecules to help reduce orange/ yellow undertones during lightening.
■ For on- and off-scalp

*Always complete a Blondorplex service with WellplexNo.2 Rinse Blondorplex and apply WellaplexNo.2 for 10 minutes.


Mix with Welloxon Perfect 6%, 9% or 12% or Color Touch emulsion 1.9% or 4% in a ratio of 1:1.5 up to 1:2 in a non-metallic bowl.

If there is contact with the scalp (global or root application), use a 6% activator as a maximum


Apply evenly to the sections of unwashed hair.

The development time depends on the condition of the hair and the desired blonde hair colour result. Carefully check hair every 5–10 minutes during process. The maximum total development time is 50 minutes.

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